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All About Us

John and Diana Halsey have been married since Nov of 2018. They are both trained and licensed massage therapists with quite a few years experience under their belts. Both being accomplished martial artists they have a great deal of understanding of how the body works, internally and externally. Diana is also a  Swing dance instructor and has been dancing most of her life, so movement and body mechanics come very naturally to her. Their overall goal is to help bring the area of Pleasant Garden and the surrounding areas a holistic option for pain management and  healing of the mind, body and soul. Their work is a wonderful mix of Therapeutic Bodywork and Relaxation which when done well together can bring you to a state of Restored Serenity.


John Halsey

NCLMBT #17845

John became a massage therapist in 2018, after deciding to pursue a career in which he could make a difference in people's lives. Since then, he has helped hundreds of clients return to the hobbies and activities they love after chronic pain or limited range of motion had threatened to change their lifestyles. John loves that massage allows him to incorporate both modern science and ancient wisdom in solving each body’s unique problems. No two clients are exactly alike, and John enjoys working with his clients to discover the approach that works best for them.


Diana Smith Halsey

NCLMBT #13946

Diana has been Body and movement focused her entire life. She started dancing at the early age of 5 where she learned about movement. Her first job was working in a small community gym where she learned about muscles and how they all work together. As an adult she began training as a martial artist and incorporated her currant knowledge base with internal concepts. All of these avenues have given her a leg up in her understanding of the body and how it works. She became a massage therapist as a way to use her knowledge base to help people have a better understanding of their own bodies. Her favorite modality is Myofascial Release, which allows her to strip away at the top layers of fibers of the muscle to reach the deeper tissues causing minimal pain to the client during treatment.

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