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I have been receiving massages from John for a few years now. He is kind, professional, and communicates well. I had being receiving massages from various massage therapists over the years and he is the first one who I have continued to go back to. His hands are healing. Best massage I have ever received. His new location is great and highly recommend visiting.

Heidi Waltz

I’ve been going to Diana monthly for 3 years now and she is always incredibly professional and enjoyable. When I started getting massages, she put me at ease with the whole process. She’s helped overcome many overuse injuries while also giving me feedback about my body after each massage. I’ve referred all my friends and family to her and will continue to work with her as long as possible. I recently had my first massage at her new location and it was fabulous. The rooms are comfortable and quiet and the decor is calming. I cannot recommend her and Restored Serenity enough!

Meredith Davis

John is fantastic! Very professional, compassionate, methodical and thoughtful. He and Diana both have magic healing hands; such amazing people.
I couldnt be happier with my sessions and the atmosphere of their shop is wonderful. Peaceful, calm and welcoming.
I recommend them to the highest degree.

Elizabeth Bowen

I started seeing Diana in May 2021 and have been going monthly ever since. I initially went in part because I received a gift card but also because I had been experiencing a decent amount of upper back pain/discomfort. However, no question on if I would keep going after that first time. Diana was able help significantly reduce discomfort. Would highly recommend!!

Thomas Andrews

I have been seeing John for a couple of years now. I have major back issues & John is VERY knowledgeable & ALWAYS knows the exact method to relieve my pain & discomfort. Let me not forgot to mention how RELAXING HIS massage is!! I always leave my appointment pain and discomfort FREE!! It took me a few Therapist to find John & I told him from the beginning that I would follow him anywhere!... Well he moved to a new location here at Restored Serenity & my first visit was AMAZING!! They have made this new location super cute, relaxing and it feels like a home away from home! If your looking for a Knowledgeable Massage therapist PLEASE go see John I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Amanda Krites

I have been to many massage therapists and Diana has been the most effective at understanding and explaining what's going on with my body. Highly recommend!

Kyle Davis

Diana has helped so much with my upper back pain! I have loved my experience with her so far.

Rachel Langston

I have been to SO many massage therapists in my life. This is the first place that I felt like they listened and heard my body. Cupping seemed scary but I swear… it is such an amazing tool! Scar tissue pain that I’ve had for years is finally receding!
This local husband and wife duo are a great team! They are kind and have wonderful customer service. I cannot recommend this small business enough. You should definitely check them out!

Courtney Blevins

John Halsey worked wonders on the Dupeytren’s Contracture of my hand with Cupping Therapy. In hope of avoiding surgery I decided to try this technique and it was amazing to see how much flexibility was gained in just one half hour session. Professional and friendly atmosphere to which I will return ASAP. Thank you John


I am SO excited to have found a local massage therapist business that does AMAZING work and is so genuine and interested in helping me get my body and mindset to the place I want to be . I also love being able to support a local small business. Its run by a husband and wife team and I had my first massage tonight with Diana and although I absolutely loved her and will go back to her,…..I am booking my next appointment with her husband. They have different styles and techniques and if he is half as good as she is, I am gong to be a new relaxed stress free back to my healthy self person soon! Normally I would never write a review on the first visit but I love this business that much! I have already booked my next two appointments. Pleasant Garden is now the place to go for a great healthy massage. Very impressed 10/10 recommend!!

Charme Blanchard

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